Get Unstuck & Back to Your Best Self

You know you have a busy mind, but do you know what type of busy mind you have? Gain clarity with the quiz and then dive deep with a FREE workbook made just for you.

Are you ready to end the battle?


Let me guess? You've read the self-help books, listened to the productivity podcasts, practiced your breathing exercises and you're still stuck? The idea of sitting still makes you jumpy, the notion of making a change gives you heart palpitations, and all the while you're kicking yourself for not doing better, being better, and getting more done.

Every day is a drag out, knock down battle with your mind. And while you're winning the fight, you're losing the war. There's only so much analyzing, rationalizing, planning, preparing, and pleading you have left in you)

Good news is there's a better way that doesn't involve so much struggle.

It's not that you're not trying hard enough. It's that the ways you're trying to control, fix, and manage your mind don't work.

The truth is that most people aren't taught the framework they need to live a fulfilling life and create a healthier relationship with their thoughts. It's not your fault (or your parents), rather you're trying to force a reset when what you really need is a reboot.

And you're not alone. Just listen to a couple of stories below and see if they sound like you.

(or jump into the quiz right now to find out what type of busy mind you are and start taking the first steps towards a better you)


meet Alyssa . . .

She keeps reading about self-care and mindfulness, yet every time she tries to "relax" she's overwhelmed with anxiety. It's like her whole body zings with energy and she can't sit still.

It doesn't help that there's this little voice in the back of her mind whispering, "You have so much to do. You don't have time for this."

She knows she needs to make time because while she gets work done, it's only after a constant battle with her thoughts. Honestly, if someone saw how she talked back and forth with her mind they'd think she's lost it. For real.

The harder she tries to correct course and get back on track, the more she feels like she's sinking into quicksand.

Something has to change.


meet Michael . . .

Michael looked up and two years flew by. While he used to feel ahead of the curve, lately he's felt more and more behind. He has big dreams and huge goals.

Yet every time he goes to take a step in that direction he's overwhelmed by all the options in front of him. His mind keeps telling him what he "should" be doing or what the "right" thing to do is. How does anyone even know when they're "ready"?

How does he even know?

So he writes out plans and to-do lists and every year time seems to fly by faster. Yet he hasn't made a move on anything he truly wants.

He's working hard, but he isn't working towards his dreams. Just spinning his wheels and exhausting himself.

This is where I come in.

I'm not only an expert in Busy Minds, I have one! And trust me, I've seen it all. Not to brag, but I consider myself the reigning champ in productive procrastination.

The truth is that while I can joke about it now, getting sucked into the nonsense my mind threw my way led me to burnout, stress, anxiety, and hell of a lot of regrets. I spent so many years stuck in planning mode, or thinking through every possible outcome to get out in front of it. I realized the hard way that we don't get to control everything.

Then I decided I was done being yanked around by my mind.

I wanted to take back the reins.

Sound familiar?