I am the ultimate busy mind.

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Seriously, I could tell you stories for days of all the creative ways I've found to avoid work I don't want to do.

Take my mom's cat to the vet? Check!

Climb on a friend's roof to sweep off fallen branches. Did that!

And I have an entire notebook filled with detailed plans of "life-changing" trips I never took. Don't even get me started on the five year, down to the last dollar, financial plans I've created (and then blown up).

I've also been plagued with a steady stream of "shoulds" and expectations and the responsible, no risk decisions that weighed me down for years.

I'm a licensed psychologist (no need for formalities though, call me Jessica or Dr. Jessica), award-winning author, recognized expert in my field and I even train other mental health professionals in the type of therapy I do as a Peer Reviewed ACT Trainer and yet still felt inadequate, like a fraud.

Because my mind never stopped telling me I was. And I never stopped trying to "fix" it or make it bend to my will. Which inevitably took up all of my time and energy.

Then I had a realization. 

I have a journal that I've been writing in since 2008 which I'm sure gives you an idea of just how infrequently I write in it. But I was having fun one day flipping back through the pages, laughing at the silly things I was worried about. And then I saw it.

Year after year: "This is the year that I . . ." Followed by pages and pages of regret. And in that moment I was so tired of letting myself down.

Wasn't there a better way to go through life than a constant struggle between who you want to be and the fears and expectations that hold you back?

I knew the type of change that worked took a series of small steps over time. Yet those changes are hard to make on your own without any guidance or support.

So I developed a program to do just that.

Step-By-step formula

A program based on the science of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) that gives you the tools while also helping you understand the approach so you can take them and apply it anything life throws your way.

quick daily lessons

Each day you get a 10 minute video lesson, 10 minute awareness practice, and a graphic for your phone's lockscreen to remind you to practice the day's skill. If you say you don't have 20 minutes to change your life I'm going to call your bluff.

Live q&A & check-ins

It doesn't matter how great a course is if you don't do it. That's why my program has weekly Live Q&As, regular check-ins and everything you need to stay accountable and make sure you're understanding all of the lessons so you aren't lost.

a busy mind community

The best part of an adventure is sharing it with people who get it! With the course you get access to a private facebook group of people just like you. And your access isn't cut-off after 30 days. In fact, the course and community are there for you always.


You can't pivot without first knowing your starting point.