why is this even a problem?

So your mind is busy? So what?

You can handle it most of the time. Sort of. 

It's an important question. Why am I so passionate about helping people get unstuck from their busy, chaotic, infuriating minds?

A while ago I had a long talk with a friend of mine. Someone like me who runs a million miles an hour, struggles to slow down, and was on a never-ending mission to "quiet" her mind (whatever that means).

I had asked her how she was and she spent the next 20 minutes, talking nonstop, telling me all the ways her life and her mind were holding her back.

She didn't make eye-contact, she barely paused to breathe. It was as if all of the effort she had put into "fixing" her mind came spewing out of her mouth in one giant rush. She couldn't focus on anything else.


So I asked her, 

“if you weren't stuck, what would you be moving towards?”

she stopped and stared at me.  

She had spent so much of her time focused on problem solving that she never asked why or what's next. When she finally did the words poured out of her, 

I want to make a difference. For myself, for my family, for the world. I have all of these ideas and passions and I know that if I could just focus that I could create something incredible. 

I know it may sound silly to want to change the world, but I do. I have this spark inside of me that is burning me up and when my mind isn't trying to drown me with worries it creates all these beautiful possibilities.

My mind keeps pulling me into a billion different directions, but if I could just pause and breathe, I know I could do something good. I know I could make an impact. But I'm just so exhausted because no matter how hard I try, I can't escape my mind. 

And it breaks my heart every time.

she realized two important things

What she had been

doing wasn't working, 

We all come to a point where we finally face the reality that what we're doing isn't working. Not because we aren't trying hard enough, but rather what we're aiming for isn't attainable. She couldn't make her thoughts just stop so she never felt pain again. And neither can you.

And she was missing out

on what truly mattered

because of it, 

This is why I do this work. Because it's so much more than getting unstuck. It's about what we get to do when we are free. We get to chase the life we've always dreamed about. And that's worth making a change for.


So I'm asking you, 

“if you weren't stuck, what would you be moving towards?”

because if we don't make a change, we get a hell of a lot of . . .

wasted time
missed chances

. . . and you deserve more than a life full of regrets

take the first step from stuck to impact